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Why do dogs play with plush toys?

Whether to destroy, cuddle or carry around, dogs go crazy for plush and stuffed toys. But why? Could it be the soft surface, the natural instinct to catch certain living beings, or the need to nurture that makes them carry their plushy around with them wherever they go? Many dogs like to play with stuffed toys, fetching, chewing, and loving them. Lets try to figure it out.

If your dog loves to play fetch and picks up toys to bring them back to you, he is most likely the carrier one. Breeds which show this kind of  behavior are retrievers. By carrying their plush toys around, they are expressing their desire to play with you. Dogs are always interested in new things and become even more interested when you participate.

If your dog is biting, chewing, and tearing the toys while shaking their heads with the toy in their mouths, he is the attacking and destroyer type.

One of the reasons you should allow your pup to play with their plush toys is to relieve their gum and toothache. As they get older, they will more likely experience a weakening of the teeth and wearing of the gums. By chewing on soft plush toys, dogs have a slight bounce, allowing them to bite down without hurting their teeth or gums. Our advice is to look for toys that are dog-age appropriate and surprise your furry companion when they are done shredding their old playmates to pieces. In the case of young pups, look for durable ones and for those that have replaceable squeakers. In this way, you will be able to rotate toys regularly so that they don’t get a chance to be bored. Try to invest in toys that are more interactive , as you can fill them up with goodies and encourage your dog to actively seek out its contents.

There are no absolute answers for each individual case, however, we can certainly agree that dogs love their soft toys